Why Freshness Matters

Minimizing the time from when coffee is roasted to when it is brewed is key to insuring a great cup of specialty grade coffee. Grinding whole beans just moments before brewing and only using fresh beans (<45 days old), insures a premium cup of coffee. At 45 days old, coffee starts to really change its taste and is reduced in flavor. While there are a lot of studies out there (if not PHD theses...) about roasted coffee and its taste degradation, we pledge not to sell roasted coffee over 30 days old.

There are thousands of places in the world where you can buy multi year old stale and low-grade coffee, however Toltec Coffee is not one of them. To provide fresh coffee to our customer, we roast in small batches and do not keep much shelf stock. 90% of what we roast is pre-sold. The majority of our customers have a subscription to receive coffee every month or every other month, to insure freshness in every cup.